Terms and Conditions of Study

aka The Serious Stuff


As part of our commitment to you and your study, we require this same commitment from you, the student.

The following Terms and Conditions of Study are designed to ensure we can assist you in achieving your goals and help you complete your course. Over the years, we have reviewed our students, how they study and the things that impact on their study and cause them to derail. Based on this, we have developed the following Terms and Conditions of Study with the aim of providing the right support to you, ensuring commitment from all our students, and importantly, consistent progression through the course with minimal derailments from your study.

Please read and ensure you understand the following information.


Library Training Services Australia (LTSA), as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 32275), is required by law to provide the below information to you.


Information on training services, including the cost, duration and outcomes delivered by LTSA is available by directly contacting us by phone, email, skype or on our website www.ltsa.edu.au. Prior to signing this document, please ensure that you have a full understanding of the structure of the course and the requirements of study. If in any doubt, please contact us prior to signing. Please note that we try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs and commitments.

As per the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015, if a qualification becomes superseded, LTSA is required to transition you to the new qualification within 12 months of the qualification or unit being published on the national register. Your will be required to complete their course within the 12 month period or transition to the new qualification. Should there be a change to the number of units within a qualification or new units added to a qualification, there may be an additional cost. Any such change will be communicated to students prior to any changes being made.

All courses are delivered in line with state and national requirements, as well as any requirements specified by our Accreditation with the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA).

Courses are delivered by distance education, with a practical workplace component (Work Integrated Learning, or WIL). All learning and assessment materials are provided in an electronic format, either by way of a PDF, or via a Learning Management System.

My commitment

As a student, I can confirm:

  • I have regular, ongoing access (a minimum of 8 hours per week) to a library either by employment or volunteering.
  • I have access to an appropriate workplace supervisor.
  • I will commit to the following minimum hours on top of any volunteering or hours of employment:
  1. Diploma – 10 hours per week
  2. Certificate IV – 8 hours per week
  3. Certificate III – 7 hours per week
  4. Certificate II – 6 hours per week
  5. Individual units – to be advised (between 6 – 10 hours depending on unit level)


As a student:

  • I understand that assessments will be generally conducted 2 – 6 weeks after starting each subject (being the unit of competency) depending on the intensity of study chosen, and as discussed and negotiated with my Trainer.
  • I agree to complete my studies within the allocated time as agreed with LTSA in advance.

Extensions & Re-submissions

  • I understand that I may be entitled to one extension of up to two weeks per subject. I understand that extensions must be applied for in advance, and will not automatically be authorised. I understand that extensions must be applied for via the online form on LTSA’s website.
  • I understand that if I do not submit my assessment by the due date, and I do not contact LTSA prior to the due date, then I will be deemed Not Yet Competent, and I will need to pay $50 to re-sit the subject. If I have not submitted my assessment by the due date, after having been given an extension, I will also be deemed Not Yet Competent, and will be liable to pay $50 to re-sit the subject.
  • I understand that I must submit my best, completed work, with all answers finalised. I understand that my assessment will not be accepted for marking should it not be complete. I understand that assessments must not be submitted and will not be accepted in ‘bits and pieces’.
  • I agree that I am entitled to one free re-submission per subject. I understand that this is to ensure that I submit my best work first time around. Should I require another re-submission, then I understand it will cost me $50 per re-submission. Of course, I understand that I have the support of my Trainers and Assessors to help me through the process, to get it right first time around!
  • I understand that I have two weeks to submit a re-submission when it is required. If the re-submission hasn’t been received in time, then I will be deemed Not Yet Competent, and I will need to pay $50 to re-sit the subject.
  • I agree that should I submit substandard or incomplete work, that my assessment will be automatically returned to me for re-submission, and that this will automatically count as one re-submission. (Remember that we are here to help you and support you so check with us if you have any questions prior to submitting.)

Referencing & Plagiarism

  • I agree to reference all the sources used in my assessments. Assessments without proper or correct referencing in APA6 format will be returned to me for re-submission. I understand that my trainer and assessor is on hand to assist me with any questions about my referencing.
  • I understand that should I have plagiarised my work, or simply copied and pasted sections, I will be provided with a written warning that any further plagiarism will result in the unit having to be redone, at a cost of $400. My assessment will also be returned, and I will need to resubmit my work, which will count as one re-submission. Any further plagiarism thereafter may result in expulsion. I will not receive any refunds for fees already paid in advance.

Assistance & Appeals

  • I understand that should I have any questions regarding assessment, that I am to contact my Trainer and Assessor in the first instance. They are always on hand to answer any questions either through phone, email, skype, the LTSA Student Forum or the Student Private Facebook Group that I will be invited to on enrolment. I will make sure I reach out prior to getting stuck on any one question. I will not let one question derail my entire study!
  • I agree to contact my Trainer/Assessor should I feel that any element of my assessment is unfair or unreasonable. I understand that the Assessment Appeals policy and procedure is located in my Student Handbook.

Support Services and Special Needs

LTSA prides itself on providing exceptional support and assistance to cater for students’ needs and requirements. We will take every possible action to ensure we support you through your training and assessment process. As a student:

  • I agree to contact either my Trainer and Assessor or dedicated Student Support Officer to discuss my needs should I require any assistance or support. I understand that they are there to help.
  • I agree to notify LTSA prior to signing this document of any special needs, including Language, Literacy and Numeracy, learning, mobility, visual or hearing impairment or other, so that they can cater for my needs. If I don’t notify LTSA, they aren’t able to assist or support me through my study. I understand that they are able to provide reasonable adjustment for assessment and learning processes where necessary.


  • I understand that I am able to defer my studies if necessary. I agree that I will be entitled to a total of 6 months deferment for the duration of my studies. No further deferments will be permitted. Each deferment application must be a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months.
  • I understand that the Deferment Form is online on the LTSA website.


  • Where there is non-communication, and I am not responding to attempts by LTSA to contact me for a period of three months, LTSA will then need to assume that I have abandoned my studies, and I will be formally withdrawn from my study. I will not receive any refunds for fees already paid in advance.
  • Should I wish to return to my studies at a later date after having been formally withdrawn, I will then need to re-apply to return to my studies, and I will need to pay $50 to re-sit the subject I was working on when I abandoned or left my studies.
  • I note that any credits that I have for fees already paid will only last for a period of 12 months. If fees have increased during that time, I will need to pay the difference on top of the credit amount.

My Rights

As a student, I understand that:

  • Whilst undertaking my study through LTSA, I understand that I have various rights, which prevent me from feeling discriminated, harassed or abused. If I encounter any of those listed, or if I feel my rights are not being respected, then I agree to immediately contact the Director either by phone, email or in writing. I understand that LTSA takes my rights extremely seriously, and any matter will be dealt with immediately.
  • I understand that LTSA values exceptional service delivery. If I wish to provide feedback or complain about an aspect of LTSA’s service, including training or assessment, then I may do so either verbally or in writing (either by emailing us directly, or by online form on our website). I understand that LTSA greatly appreciates all feedback provided by us.
  • I understand that appeals on any decision made by LTSA (including Assessment Appeals), may be lodged to the Director, and must be done in writing. For more information on my rights and any of the above-mentioned processes, I am able to contact LTSA or review the Student Handbook, found on LTSA’s website.

Privacy Policy

As a student:

  • I understand that LTSA has an absolute respect for my privacy, and is compliant at all times with the Privacy Act. The information requested from me will only be used for the process of enrolment, for the purpose of delivering quality service to me, and government reporting where indicated. All information is kept confidential (unless required by Law), with access limited to those internally in the organisation that are on an absolute need-to-know basis to deliver training services to me. If I wish to see my records at any time, I may contact my Trainer.
  • I agree that by signing this form, I am authorising LTSA to discuss my enrolment, assessment results and progress with my workplace or volunteering Supervisor. If I have any questions about this, then I am to contact LTSA to discuss.

Media Release

As a student:

  • On rare occasions, I understand that photos or videos may be taken, sourced or provided to LTSA and used for promotional activities (e.g. graduations). By signing this form, I acknowledge my acceptance in participating in such activities. I am to notify LTSA if I do not wish for this to occur.

Payment Policy

As a student:

  • I agree to pay my invoices at the rate agreed with LTSA in advance, regardless of my progress through the course. I understand that all invoices are subject to 7-day payment terms.
  • I understand that learning and assessment materials will not be issued to me, until confirmation of payment has been received for the relevant invoice.
  • I will be required to pay for my invoices regardless of whether I have finished any prior units (by RPL or study) or not. I understand that the payment schedule is separate from the study schedule.
  • I understand that course fees can be paid by credit card or direct deposit.
  • Should I get two instalments behind in payment without contacting LTSA to discuss my circumstances, I understand that my enrolment will be suspended and I will be locked out of my course until I get in touch with LTSA. There will be re-enrolment fees applicable of $50.
  • I agree that I am liable for the financial commitment to LTSA for the duration of my course. Should I experience financial hardship, I understand that I am to call LTSA as quickly as possible to discuss options available. I understand that LTSA is here to help me through the good times and bad!

Refund Policy

As a student:

  • I understand that LTSA will refund any money paid by me for study I haven’t completed in the event they cancel or discontinue a course. LTSA will not refund for subjects completed – I will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for subjects completed, which will enable me to receive Credit Transfers at other Registered Training Organisations for equivalent subjects.
  • Administration fees are non-refundable, unless LTSA are unable to deliver the qualification or course, and I have not completed any subjects.
  • I understand that once study material has been sent or accessed for a paid subject, no refund will be forthcoming if I choose to withdraw for any reason.
  • If I withdraw from a course due to illness (verified by a medical certificate), LTSA will refund any course fees paid for course materials not yet delivered. Should learning materials have been delivered or accessed, then the full amount is forfeited.
  • If I decide to withdraw from a course for any other reason, I may apply for a refund for any paid units where course materials have not been delivered, less a 20% administration fee. Should learning material have been delivered, then the full amount is forfeited for the subjects where learning materials have been delivered or accessed.

Rules and Regulations

To complete the course I am enrolled in, I agree that I must fulfil the following obligations:

  • I must demonstrate to my Trainer and Assessor through both theory and practical assessment that academic knowledge and professional skills have been achieved to a satisfactory and competent level.
  • I must satisfy all academic, administrative and financial obligations to LTSA.
  • I agree that all intellectual property rights in the materials provided to me (such as Learning Guides, Assessments and RPL Kits), belong to LTSA. The material may only be used for personal use. I agree that I will not copy or distribute the material to others or use it for commercial purposes other than as personal reference material. This obligation will continue even after my education through LTSA has ceased. If I need to use the material outside of personal use, then I agree to simply ask LTSA.
  • I must promptly notify LTSA of any changes to name, address or contact details.
  • I understand that suspension or expulsion from LTSA may occur at the Director’s discretion for:
  1. Non or late payment of fees;
  2. Failure to uphold LTSA’s Policies and Procedures as outlined in the Student Handbook and the Terms and Conditions of Study;
  3. Serious misconduct or breach of legislation;
  4. Ongoing non-contact with LTSA for a period of 3 months or more.

Please do not continue your enrolment if you feel you have not received adequate information on all the above points. Please ask us for clarification or further information on our specific Policy and Procedures. These can be found on our website at www.ltsa.edu.au, or by contacting us on 1300 17 15 60.