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  • Deferment Request

    If your ability to complete your library studies has been temporarily affected by illness or personal circumstances, you may be eligible for a temporary deferment of your course. This means that you will be able to take some time off from your studies, without the issuance of any further invoices, for a set period of time however, deferments are only given if you intend to return to your studies and complete them.

    Please read the following information and if you still wish to apply for deferment, click 'Next' and fill in the form on the following page. You can choose to attach any relevant documentation to support your application for deferment (e.g. doctor’s certificate).

    Your application will be submitted to your Training Manager, as noted in your Student Handbook, who will in consultation with the General Manager, look at your case and make a decision about your deferment.

    The deferment period will in no case exceed three months (with a total of 2 deferment periods available in the duration of your studies), unless a formal application for special consideration has been lodged, and been approved. Students who don’t respond to communication with LTSA may be withdrawn and will need to re-apply to complete the course and re-pay the administration fee.

    If you are finding that you regularly need to apply for extensions or deferment, you may need to book a time with our Student Support Officer, who can assist you with getting help to get back on top of your studies. The Student Support Officer can be contacted by emailing

    Remember, we are on your side and will do anything we can to help you through any of life's challenges. Our goal is to see you succeed!

    For more information, refer to the LTSA Terms and Conditions of Study or the Student Handbook.