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  • Complaints Form

    By filling in this form you will be lodging a formal complaint.

    Please read the following information and if you still wish to lodge a complaint, click 'Next' and fill in the form on the following page. You can choose to attach any relevant documentation to support your complaint (e.g. emails).


    LTSA acknowledges that a student, who has a complaint, has the right to raise the complaint and expect that every effort will be made to resolve it in accordance with this policy, without prejudice or fear of reprisal or victimisation. The student has the right to present the complaint formally as well as in writing.

    LTSA will manage all complaints fairly, equitably and efficiently as possible.

    LTSA will encourage the parties to approach the complaint with an open mind and to resolve problems through discussion and conciliation. Where a complaint cannot be resolved through discussion and conciliation, LTSA acknowledges the need for an appropriate external and independent person to mediate between the parties. The parties will be given the opportunity to formally present their case to the independent person.

    Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process of making and resolving complaints. LTSA seeks to protect the rights and privacy of all involved and to facilitate the return to a comfortable and productive learning environment.

    A copy of this Policy is available to all students and staff (below) and is available in the Student Handbook. The information will also contain details of external authorities that they may approach.

    Where complaints have been received, RTOs must keep evidence of how the matter was dealt with and the outcome (including the timeframes). LTSA will use this information received via any complaint to review LTSA's processes and practices to ensure the issue doesn’t happen again.


    Should a student have a complaint, the following steps are to be followed:

    1. The Student should discuss the issue / complaint with the person involved to try and resolve it verbally.
    1. If no resolution is reached, the student should discuss the issue / complaint with his / her trainer to see if it can be resolved.
    1. If still no resolution the student should put the following information relating to the complaint in writing using this Complaints Form.
      - A description of the complaint;

      - State whether they wish to formally present their case;

      - Steps taken thus far to deal with issue / complaint;

      - What outcomes they would like to fix the problem & prevent it from happening again.
    1. By lodging a written complaint, the issue will be brought to the attention of the CEO. The CEO will either deal with the issue personally or arrange for it to be dealt with by a management representative. This process must commence within 48 hours from the time the CEO, or their delegate, receives written notification from the student about their dissatisfaction and a response / resolution must be presented within 7 days.
    1. Should the issue still not be resolved to the student’s satisfaction, LTSA will make arrangements for an independent external person to resolve the issue. The student will be given the opportunity to formally present his or her case. The time frame for this process may vary but should take no longer than 14 days.
    1. All parties involved will receive a written statement of the outcomes, including reasons for the decision within the 14 day period.
    1. If the student is still not happy with external mediation, they may take their complaint to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA):
      Complaints Team
      Tel: 1300 701 801
    1. Where LTSA considers more than 60 calendar days are required to process and finalise the complaint, LTSA will inform the complainant in writing, including reasons why more than 60 calendar days are required, and regularly updates the complainant on the progress of the matter.
    1. All documentation relating to complaints should be archived for audit purposes.
    1. LTSA's CEO will be person responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the policy.
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