Before putting in your application for enrolment, students are to:

Work Integrated Learning: Obtaining a Work/Volunteer Role

As part of our course delivery, we believe providing Work Integrated Learning is critical to equipping our students with up-to-date and practical work skills. This provides a blended learning approach, whereby students can learn both in a theoretical and practical context, and importantly, can benefit from mentorship from those who have created successful careers in Library and Information Services.


Each of our students is required to work or volunteer in a library for a minimum of eight hours per week during their studies.

Benefits of Having a Student Volunteer/Work in a Library

There are many benefits available to organisations that offer a volunteer or work role to a student who will be the next generation of library and information services workers:

  • Alleviating worker shortages, particularly in times of limited budgets
  • The provision of work-ready graduates
  • Decreased recruiting costs
  • Creation of dynamic work environments
  • Contribution to industry, and to your library and community
  • Access to new ideas that promote creativity and encourage innovation
  • Staff development through engagement with students
  • Opportunities to provide feedback that shapes the next generation of library workers
  • Bringing fresh eyes, perspectives and energy to your library
  • Increase the productivity and efficiency of your workplace, by providing another pair of hands to help out with your daily work.
Public Liability Insurance for Volunteers

Library Training Services Australia has Public Liability Insurance cover for all LTSA students who are volunteering in libraries as part of their studies. We would be happy to provide further details on request.

Training Supervision: Nominating a Supervisor

Each student is also required to nominate a supervisor within their workplace to support the student during their course, provide opportunities for practice and further development, keep them safe in the workplace, and act as a mentor.

Supervisor Responsibilities

The student would need to have access to a supervisor, who would need to do the following:

  • Complete our Workplace Resource Assessment after the student has enrolled. This lets us know what resources the student would have access to in the workplace. You can view the assessment here:
  • Provide a working/volunteering opportunity of a minimum of 6 hours per week.
  • Have a 15-minute Supervisor Induction Call with our Trainer to run through the student’s study plan and answer any questions.
  • Provide some mentorship, coaching or support where needed in order to facilitate the student’s assignments in a practical context. This would be in addition to the student having access to our Trainer, who is available to answer questions.
  • Completing our Employer Verification Form at the completion of some of the subjects, which confirms that the work submitted is the student’s own, and that the student has demonstrated certain skills and knowledge in the workplace. You can view the form here:

For further information about being a student supervisor, check out our e-book here.

Who can be a supervisor?

The minimum requirements for adequate training supervision is as follows:

  • Holds a qualification which is equivalent to, or higher, than the one in which the student is wishing to enrol in
  • Keen to mentor and supervise the student
  • Preferably employed at the same workplace as the student and working similar hours as the student
What subjects need supervising?

Information on the current subjects involved in each of our qualifications is available at the following link: This information provides supervisors with an idea of the type of library functions that the student will need access to at certain stages of their study with us.


What happens after the enrolment application is submitted?

For the Student…

  • Complete a Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) Assessment
  • Have a Student Induction Call
  • Have your First Instalment Invoice Paid

For the Supervisor…

  • Complete Workplace Resource Assessment
  • Have a Supervisor Induction Call

Please contact us with any questions!