LTSA delivers flexibility, a commitment to you, and excellence in library and information services education. Study is conducted via distance education, which means you will receive a link via email to download  your learner guide and assessment tasks for each unit. An i important Work Integrated Learning (WIL) component is also included in all of our qualifications. In addition, training is provided nationally and internationally.

Study is conducted at a pace that suits you. Full-time study is based on completion of one unit per month and part-time study is based on one unit every six weeks. Information on time-frames associated with each qualification can be found in our Courses section.

You can enrol in individual, nationally recognised units (or subjects) to update a particular skill set (and gain a Statement of Attainment), or you can enrol in a full nationally recognised qualification, such as a Certificate II, III, IV or Diploma. For more information on our courses and individual units, the timeframes and investment, please refer to our Courses section.

You can also undertake study through Recognition of Prior Learning. RPL is the process of recognising that you may be competent in an area of study or subject, regardless of how, when or where your learning occurred in the past. It is essentially an assessment only methodology which requires you to gather evidence of your competence in a subject or whole qualification. More information on RPL can be found here.


Working or Volunteering in a library

A key requirement of studying at LTSA is that you are working  or volunteering at a Library (ie Work Integrated Learning). This enhances your learning by providing a practical component to your studies, allowing for an application of theory and creating an understanding of the context of Library and Information Services

For more information, check out our Pre-Enrolment Information.


Study Support

LTSA offers extensive support throughout your entire study. We provide our students with an expert trainer to assist with theoretical and practical requirements and to help with time management, difficult times, and motivation.

For more information, check out our FAQs.


Study Expectations

LTSA is absolutely committed to creating a thriving 21st century library and information services (LIS) sector. As such, we are genuinely committed to seeing our students succeed in their career and life goals, including in the achievement of new skills and knowledge; and the gaining of relevant qualifications that will have a tangible impact on their career, and on the success of the 21st century LIS sector. We know that to have successful 21st century libraries, we need 21st century skilled library professionals.

Thus, we want to make sure that when you start, you know exactly what you need to do to succeed, and what is required to get through the rigours of study.

As such, we have implemented the following Study Charter to ensure that you get the best outcomes, that you proceed through your studies at a consistent pace, and that you deliver your best work possible. They are designed to help you succeed, progress and achieve, for the betterment of your career, but also the LIS sector as a whole.

To study through LTSA, we expect students to demonstrate the following behaviours:

  • Be absolutely committed to their studies, and to make their study a priority in their life
  • Commit to studying at a minimum the following:
    • Certificate II – 6 hours per week
    • Certificate III – 7 hours per week
    • Certificate IV – 8 hours per week
    • Diploma – 10 hours per week
  • Commit to a paid or volunteering role in a library for the duration of the qualification or study period, at a minimum of 8 hours per week. Outside of a completed qualification, this experience is the best thing that you will have when it comes to finding your dream library and information services job in the future, and is important practical context that partners with the education you receive from us.
  • Commit to studying each subject in the timeframe specified. Extensions can be provided, however, these will need to be authorised in advance (and at a maximum of one extension per subject).
  • Commit to submitting their best work possible. We will not accept work which is of substandard quality, and will allow for one resubmission only. We know that you can do great work, and want to see you do your best each time!
  • Students commit to staying in touch with LTSA throughout their studies. We need to know how you are going – whether you’re happy, whether you’re frustrated and over it, whether you love the subject or don’t… you get the picture! If we know how you are doing, then we can help support you through the highs and lows of longer-term study.
  • A qualification isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon! We want to make sure that you have the commitment and stamina to get through this, and hence we are careful in only accepting enrolments for students who are absolutely committed to the study process.